Saturday, June 4, 2016

Levels 36-40

Level 36

Running a little dry on hints here, but everything you need can be found. It's just a little more cryptic than the last couple levels. I'll give a bit more of a nudge than usual here because I feel like this is a harder level.

The title is relevant here, not in terms of what the solution is, but how the tools you've been using might not be good enough for the job. In a previous puzzle, you had to use GIMP to do some image editing, and that led to a solution. Try and do that with this picture, and you'll get a message (which is viewable anyway but might be harder to see on dark monitors), and that's where you'll be stuck without finding the next piece of the puzzle.

Obviously at this point you're checking the source. Most puzzles have some kind of hint in the comments, and sometimes the names of files can be hints as well. But what else can be looked at? If it looks unfamiliar, maybe a quick Google search can explain what you're looking at and what should be done with it. About ten levels ago, you did a similar step to get what was needed to work with.

Level 37

Don't overcomplicate! You've got a Google bar, so if you don't know what something is, double check it! The picture will help you narrow down what the title is, and you should come to the conclusion soon. If it leads to something that doesn't immediately look like the next level, don't write it completely off as a dead end page.

Level 38

Another major level change from after the book was written, and a straightforward one at that. It might be showing its age a little bit here, but I'm fairly sure the source code points you to something that even if you don't use it, you can find documentation on. Not much to really say here, just figure out what the icons in the picture are and answer the question in the title. The 4th what?

Level 39

I did warn you this was an 18+ game right? The title has no relevance, ignore it, unless you want to know what it is, in that case you can Google it. There's a hint you've run into in an older level that has the same wording as here in the source, remember that? Once you get your answer from that, use the picture hint to get to what you need. Remember not to discount pages that look like dead end pages.

Level 40

The level difficulty has a strange curve. It's not really a curve, more of a giant zigzag line up and down a paper at random. The picture will be your key here. That's really all I can say here. The answer is unexpected!

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