Friday, June 3, 2016

Levels 16-20

Level 16

You can kind of think of this level as the "boss" level. This was the original "end" of the puzzle until David M. made more levels. Obviously. But anyways, let's take a look at this one.

When you first look at this, you may feel overwhelmed. Don't be! There is a lot of stuff happening, but the more info the better in this game, believe me. Better to have more than less. Since this is a more complex riddle, I shall take a moment and analyze the hints with you.

Let's touch briefly on the straightforward text at the bottom of your source. I of course KNOW you've been saving all the stuff you've been writing down, riiiight? In addition to saving the level urls and username/passwords, it's ALSO good to write down your train of thought and HOW you solved the level. Because when going back to look at things, you sometimes think "huh? how did I get that?". You can't write down too much stuff, honestly. Keep it organized, keep it safe.

Remember when we spoke to you about the various codes you can have for the alphabet? Another one is actually mentioned right here in the source. While there may not be a Google bar, you can search anything you want if you want a quick tool to help you transcribe a code. The internet has almost anything you need. I was lazy one day and wanted to remove spaces from a sentence. The internet provided. However, this one is easily solvable by just laying out the alphabet in notepad yourself and writing it out manually.

The source also refers to data you have seen before. So, whatever process you use for decoding that text in green, # = that process. When looking at the numbers this level is providing you, you'll obviously notice that some have the # symbol and some don't. But don't get confused and think that it's asking for two types of data. I made that mistake when I first played it and wasn't sure why it didn't work. It's definitely possible to look at a hint and interpret it two different ways, so if you get an answer that doesn't look like real words, you probably did something wrong.

Level 17

The last level was pretty complicated and had you use what you learned and wrote down from before. Don't overthink this level. Answer the question in the source. There are a number of dead end pages here, so be sure to note if you find something extra.  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Level 18

Source code? Check. Title? Check. Music? Check. Go through your common list! If you also listen to the green text in the source code, you may start to find some extra stuff.  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

The "extra stuff" in this case doesn't actually help solve this level (well, a little), but it's kind of its own thing. The only thing you really need to do here is work with what's given to you, and if you don't have the natural skills to piece it together, there are free programs that can do it for you.

Level 19

This level is fairly straightforward, despite the fact that it doesn't give you too much to work with. However, it does give you what you need. What is the object in the picture? What is it doing? How does that relate to the source code message? Remember that Notpron really enjoys utilizing what you've learned so far.

Level 20

Not everything in this picture is relevant. It's still good to keep up the habit of checking source code, though you can see straight away there isn't anything there. Just the title and the picture this time. The password hint is a bit odd, we solved this puzzle without understanding what it meant, but looking back we kind of get what it's saying. Don't worry about it too much, you don't need it to solve this level. It's just a confusing statement altogether.

As Windows users ourself, we aren't sure how this game is in terms of being Mac-friendly or not. Mac users may have to look up extra stuff. Useless story time: as a kid, messing around on our computer (which was probably Windows 95 or earlier at the time), I found a program called the "Character Map", and being a young bab, I thought this was something with a bunch of cartoon characters that you'd be able to look at or something. It wasn't anything like that, but it did turn out to be useful in later years.

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  1. This website is really helpful, thanks! On level 19 right now and enjoying it immensely :)